Reporting is traditionally a problem for project managers, getting the data together can take a long time and then assembling it into the required formats can be a problem, consistency and quality always suffer when doing this by hand.  Your PMO provides you with both project and Portfolio reporting capabilities which will be the envy of your colleagues and the pride of your customers.

This video shows you around the capability for reports in Your PMO.

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Reporting at the touch of a button


Rich reports well formatted

Projects created from the method templates will have all the resources in place to support elegant and sophisticated reports at both the project and portfolio levels.  These reports can include status, benefits, finances, tasks, risks, issues, resources, highlight and commentary and a number of presentation arrangements allow you to have different look and feel to your reports.

Reports produced using the same saved report specification will be identical in structure and layout just differ in content by project, this enables you to get great consistency into your reports and to produce them quickly at the touch of a button.  Data quality is also excellent as the reporting engine will automatically include all the latest content in the report.

Reports can be produced at Project levels and also at Portfolio levels where the content from the range of projects is merged together, this is a major time and quality saver as this is a difficult activity to get right by traditional methods.

reportingDirect publish to Word available

Reports are often produced to Browser for easy reading and then published to store in the project, especially when reporting on a tablet or Smart Phone. When using the Windows App you also have the choice to produce your reports directly into a word .docx format, this can then either be post edited or easily printed, shared or PDFd. When producing Portfolio reports into Word each separate project report can be appended to the combined portfolio section automatically, in essence preparing the pack of materials to print for a board meeting.