Planning is at the heart of all project, programme and portfolio management and Your PMO will support you very strongly in this area.  Every project you create will have a plan template provided already set up and waiting for you to set up your tasks.  If you already have a plan provided to you in Planner, MS Project or Excel you can load that in instead and you are off and running.

This video provides an introduction to planning using the Browser and Windows App interfaces.

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planningPlanning made easy.

The system will display tasks from your plans at a project or portfolio level and you can undertake analysis on these to look for overdue tasks, unresourced tasks, upcoming tasks etc. and you can even set up your own favourite analysis if you want using the Windows App. Your planning information can then be included in reports and dashboards and will also feed your properties database so you automatically get key info like expected finish date for your projects showing on project selector.

If you are using MS Project as your planning tool, simply add the file, tell the Project Controls engine to use it as a data source and its data will begin to be used in all your planning analysis, in the screen shot here, one of these plans comes from MS Project. To update the plan you simply check out in MS Project, update and check back in, very simple.  Even if you don’t have MS project, for example somebody sends you file, you can still use Your PMO to see and analyse the content or you could even convert it into a planner format using Planner.

If you use the default Planner templates these can be edited for plan and task information either directly in the browser or on check out to the Planner software on PC.  Planner supports costings for your project as well as pure plan task information and the Planner application is free so you can get your colleagues to update the files if you want to share them in that way.

resourcing; planning

Resourcing Simplified

Your PMO provides valuable resource management capability for your projects, programmes and portfolios.  The resource demand charts are produced using the data held in the Project controls database as extracted from all the plans in the project or portfolio you are interested in.  This means that it doesn’t matter if some projects are planned in MS Project, others in Planner and even some in excel assuming the format of data is acceptable) all the tasks from those plans will contribute to the generated resource profile.

Produced resource profiles include not only a demand histogram but also a table of the number of contributing hours each period per resource per project.  When using the Windows App you can also download the raw data for your own further analysis if you wish.

Resource analysis can be included in your project and portfolio reports and also as a key part of dashboards.  This high value functionality is usually only reserved for corporate systems but available to you as standard in Your PMO.