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As well as the Planning, Reporting and Methodology we focussed on in the earlier pages Your PMO provides an extensive set of other project management capabilities to support your projects, programmes and portfolios.

The video tour here provides a brief introduction to these.

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The project management tools your projects need.

project management

Risk and Issue Management

Each project set up from your method template will have a risk and issue register included in it automatically and these will also support actions and decisions giving you full RAID support.  Use Planner to edit and update these registers  or alternatively switch to using an excel register to collect this data for a project.

Just like with plans this data will be accumulated for you in the Project controls database allowing you to see and analyse at the project and portfolio levels and to include in reports and dashboards.





project management

Benefit and Financial Management

Most of the method templates will also provide the projects with Benefit registers and a Finance management data file.  These are provided in Excel as are templates for sophisticated highlight status reporting.  Check the files out, update them and check back in to update the properties and make the new data available for reporting and dashboards.

You can also add your own custom Spreadsheets with any data you are interested in and have the reporting engine pull content out and into your project reports.  Customers often use this for management of licence applications, Asset lists, test results and a wide range of other data types.  From these spreadsheets you can load tables or images into project reports and can also feed the properties database with new property types.