Your PMO provides each of your projects with a methodology framework that we call a Method Template.  This controls how the project is set up, which templates it is provided with, which reporting structures it uses and the processes used to manage it during it’s lifecycle.  Once created from a template you can personalise aspects of the project to match your specific requirements including the document and file structures and reporting set up.

This video provides a helpful introduction to methodology and process using Your PMO.

You can see a full set of the videos on Your PMO here at our YouTube playlist.

Methodology to suit your projects

Your PMO provides method templates for eight different methodologies you can use on your projects as follows:

  1. PRINCE2 Resource Pack
  2. 1 Step PM Process (.docx or .piabx templates)
  3. 3 Step PM Process (.docx or .piabx templates)
  4. 4 Step PM Process (.docx or .piabd templates)
  5. 4 Step Demand PM Process (.docx or .piabx templates)
  6. 5 Step PM Process (.docx or .piabx templates)
  7. Practical Scrum process
  8. DSDM Atern Agile process
  9. PRAXIS Framework
  10. Proposal Preparation Process

For further details on these methodologies please visit the PROJECT in a box methodology page or see the full video on PROJECT in a box methodologies playlist on YouTube.

methodology; prince2Process flow

As you use the explorer form to work on your project you will navigate the project processes by point and click on the navigation diagram and the method template will then show you the documents and content you should be using at that point in the process.  This makes even the most complex method easy to break down and follow.  Files can be checked out updated and checked back in and new files added.  You can hook into email to send files to people and all the time the system builds audit trail and version control for you acting as your librarian.


methodology; scrumPersonalisation

When you create a project from a method template it will be identical in set up to other projects of the same method  in terms of templates, guidance, reporting set up etc.  You can personalise it to match your requirements.  Of course new files can be added from any interface even including pictures captured from your smartphone or tablet.  Reporting set up can be personalised either from the browser or Windows App and document structures can be updated from the Windows App.

Some methods support stages for managing more complex projects and here the number and mix of stages can be adjusted from either the browser or the Windows App as you need.