PMO toolset

Your PMO provides you with a PMO toolset, with everything you need to make a success of your projects, programmes and portfolios.

  • Methodology and process
  • Document management and communications
  • Planning resource management
  • Risk and Issue Management
  • Benefits and Financial management
  • Reporting and Dashboards

This PMO toolset has been designed as a simplification of the existing widely regarded PROJECT in a box multi user platform (read reviews) specifically for individual users. Not taking away all the great tools and labour saving benefits but removing the complexity of permissions models, licensing and approvals etc. that you won’t need as a personal user.

PMO Toolset introduction

This video provides an overview of what Your PMO is all about an how it can help you make a success of your projects.  If you would like to see the full collection of promotional videos for Your PMO they are available as a playlist in the PROJECT in a box YouTube channel here.

Bringing project management capabilities to you

Here are some of the main features of the Your PMO toolset that we think you will find particularly beneficial, in brief and available for you to drill down to further info as you require.

PMO toolkitAvailable anywhere

Your PMO is available via a browser interface you can use on any device with internet access and also a Windows App if you want a richer experience from your desktop environment.  Pick and choose the interface to suit you using different ones at different times if you want.

Find out more about accessing your projects from anywhere.


Planning and Resourcing

Add plans to your projects to manage tasks, mark completion, set budgets and calculate costs using our Planner model.  The Planner tool is free so you can give it to anyone you want to help contribute to your project plans.  You can also edit plans in your Browser as well giving you complete flexibility.  If you already have a plan in MS Project no need to worry you can continue to use it in that format or convert it to Planner.  Once your plans are loaded in you can analyse them and include the data in reports and dashboards at the project and also Portfolio levels this includes assembling resource profiles.

Find out more about managing plans and resources.



Each project is created from a Method template which sets up the templates, processes and reporting structure to be used for the project, you can then revise and personalise this to get a goo match for your project.  The process is then followed through the life of the project working on content and collecting new materials etc.

Find out more about methodology, process and documentation.



produce standardised project, programme and portfolio reports  quickly and easily using assured and up to date data then publish or print them.  Save a significant amount of time on the production of your reports.  Using the Windows App you can even personalise your own reports.

Find our more about improving reporting and dashboards.


Much More

Your PMO also provides extensive other PMO toolset capabilities including Risk, Issue, RAID management, benefit and financial management as well as integration with Outlook and other office applications from the Windows App.

Find out much more about the other great features of the your PMO Toolset.